ryday lives withi▓n the next few years, as furthe

attempts are

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being made to develop a 3-D experienc

r investment i▓n the technology forces prices down and makes the exp▓erience affordable for households. Before that happens, however, there are still p▓rob

lems that need to be solved. For one, a display held by VMJ, a small company that supplies glasses-free 3-D technology to companies such as Sharp and Samsung, the 3-D displays were headache-inducing, even if they ▓were impressive

e that does not

  • . The technology

    developed by VMJ send different signals to each eye, creating the illusion of 3-D images, and Representative Kazuo Kaneyama, while arguing that future developments will l▓ead to sharper images and les

    s eye fatigue. "In▓ maybe five years, w

  • hen the technolo

    gy ha▓s further advanced and the price of the hardware has become more affordable, I think you will see 3-D se▓ts in households," Kaneyama said. A 65-inch set wou▓ld currently set customers back around 3

    million yen (32,000 dollars) - about

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